Franchisee | Chandrani Pearls

Chandrani Pearls is India’s largest pearl jewellery retail stores. We have over 75 outlets across India and are growing rapidly. There are tremendous opportunities for growth and profit in a Chandrani Pearls business. As fellow entrepreneurs, I’m sure you are looking for opportunities to grow as businessmen, and grow your experience and knowledge, and enjoy what you do. Chandrani Pearls showrooms are based on a very sound business model, and ensure sound financial returns for yourself and your family.

Basic Requirements:


The Authorized Dealer store will be located in a prime area of the city having the following : -

1. Between 120 to 200 sq. ft. showroom space in prime locality
2. Minimum 9 to 10 ft. frontage.
3. Should be visible from ground floor.

The store size will vary from city to city. For complete details for store size in your city please refer to the working sheets enclosed.


The Authorized Dealer is required to invest the following : -

1. A minimum of 8-10 lakhs as investment towards stock and furniture and fittings.

The investment will vary from city to city. For complete details for investment in your city please send us an enquiry on


The profitability of a Chandrani Pearls store depends on many factors, including the ability of the dealership owner to effectively run the business, and the location of the store. Dealers should prepare their own financial projections after seeking independent accounting advice. We will provide basic financial projections to guide you if required and on request.

To know more, or enquire about a dealership opportunity please e-mail us on or call 033 4031 4444.