Identifying Authentic Chandrani Pearls Products

CHANDRANI PEARLS provides a wide range of traditional and modern jewellery made out of genuine fresh water pearls, set in an alloy with cubic zirconia and other materials. Even though we do our utmost to ensure that our jewellery is easily identifiable through key markings, it can be difficult for you as a consumer to tell the difference between CHANDRANI PEARLS products and copies, because copies might carry similar identifiers.

While the presence of these key markings does not guarantee authenticity, looking for these key markings is one of the first steps you can take to ensure that the products you purchase are in fact authentic CHANDRANI PEARLS products.

Check to see that there is a “CP” stamp on the clip of every necklace. All Chandrani Pearls products come with a self destructible hologram and a Certificate of Authenticity. Please check to see that the same are present when purchasing our products. Please ensure that the retailer gives you the certificate with your purchase.

If you question the authenticity of a product or retailer, contact the CHANDRANI PEARLS office on 033 22874190 or send an email us at