Pearl Care | Chandrani Pearls

Pearls are relatively soft, so require special care. They are not brittle and can withstand fairly severe shocks and knocks, but unfortunately they can be scratched by objects that are harder than they are. However this should not deter you from owning one of nature?s wondrous gifts.

1. The following are some steps by which you can look after your pearls.Pearls should be stored in a separate soft pouch, to prevent the surface being scratched. Never place your pearl jewellery carelessly in with other jewellery or coins. Do not store pearls in an airtight environment as they need moisture and may dry out in an airtight environment.

2. Avoid contact with products that may damage your pearls. Vinegar, Ammonia, bleach, hair spray and perfume can cause spots or damage the surface of the pearls. Commercial jewellery cleaners contain ammonia and thee should be avoided. Apply perfume, cosmetics and hairspray before putting on your pearls.

3. Perspiration can damage your pearls so it is wise to remove them if you are doing strenuous exercise. Check the stringing of the strands regularly and should be rethreaded if there is any signs of thread fraying.

4. It is advisable to wipe your pearls with a soft, damp cloth after you have worn them, especially if you have been perspiring. If the pearls are worn very seldom it is advisable to rub them once every few years or so with a soft cloth with a small amount of pure olive oil.