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Long known as the 'Queen of Gems', pearls possess a history and allure as overwhelming as the natural miracle of pearl formation. Throughout much of recorded history, a natural pearl necklace comprising matching spheres was a treasure of almost incomparable value.

And over the ensuing millennia, a reverence for pearls spread throughout the world, irrespective of religions, systems and races. India's sacred books and epic tales abound with pearl references. One legend has Lord Krishna discovering pearls when he plucks the first one from the sea and presents it to his daughter Pandaia on her wedding day. China's long recorded history also provides ample evidence of the importance of pearls. In the Shu King, a 23rd century BC book, the scribe says that as a tribute, a lesser king sent out "strings of pearls not quite round" to all his more powerful counterparts, in order to pacify them. In Egypt, decorative mother-of-pearl, or nacre, was used at least as far back as 4200 BC, but the use of pearls themselves seems to have happened later, perhaps in the 5th century BC, in relation to the Persian conquest. Rome's pearl craze reached its zenith during the 1st century BC, when Roman women upholstered couches with pearls and sewed so many into their gowns that they actually walked on their pearl-encrusted hems.

Over the years, pearls have become an important part of a woman's jewellery collection, across the world. As versatile as they are beautiful, pearls have grown into a favorite choice, considering their ability to enhance every kind of attire, from the business suit to the evening gown and even to the casual jeans and tee of today's youth.

Today's corporate woman only looks more elegant and impressive with pearl jewellery, like a string of pearls and ear-tops. And of course, exotic evening gowns only serve to appear more stunning when complemented with pearls.

The best part is that pearls do wonders for a woman's self-confidence and personality. In addition to the elan and chic sophistication they project, they make the wearer feel radiant, admired and different. In today's day and age, every woman wants to appear equally perfect, yet equally different everyday. And hence working-women are increasingly developing an affinity for pearl jewellery. To say nothing of the youth of today, who are steadily shifting away from chunky costume jewellery to the refined elegance of pearls.

As a result of this distinct paradigm shift in terms of fashion trends, the jewellery industry around the world is undergoing a revolutionary upheaval.

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